Whether it’s help with navigating the justice system or referrals to community support organizations, we provide information and assistance so that victims of crime can effectively access the support they need to move forward.


Court Preparation & Accompaniment

We believe having someone familiar with the court system help navigate the process is instrumental in empowering victims

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Our trained staff and volunteer advocates can provide clients with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the court process and what they can expect their involvement in it might be.

We support our clients in preparing for their upcoming court date and can also attend court with clients as needed to provide additional support.

Criminal court is not like you see on TV.

That is why we focus on educating clients on all matters related to the courtroom. This includes the roles of the Crown, the Defense, and the Judge as well as the logistics of the courtroom. We provide our clients with the knowledge they need to feel prepared for their appearance in court.

Victim Impact Statements

We can provide Victim Impact Statements. This statement gives you the opportunity to tell the court how you have been affected by a crime.

For more information please visit the Government of Alberta Website.

Financial Benefits

Victims may be eligible to receive monetary benefits for serious injuries or to assist with other circumstances.
For more information please visit the website for the Justice and Solicitor General.

Restitution Information

Victims who experience financial loss or property damages as a result of a crime have the right to have the court consider making a stand-alone restitution order to recompense for injury or loss. We can provide you with the restitution form and more information is available on the Department of Justice website.

Court Status

Understanding the court process and staying up to date on the status of your court case can be confusing and taxing. We can provide you with updates on the status of your court case as well as liaise with the Crowns office on your behalf.

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